Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Reader Question: Income

You mentioned how much the trip is going to cost to get started, but what about along the way? Do you have money saved up or do you have some source of income? (this question is from my husband) 
-Bonnie Wright (and husband...obviously)

So....where do I start?  The short answer is no, we don't have money saved up for this - we will be working on the road.  The long answer?  Here it goes....

We have some savings, but it is only for emergencies, not for living on.  Right now, Jeff works full time (well...super full time - 12 hours a day/7 days a week) helping farmers.  He also works as a book-keeper for a mortgage company in Utah, which he does remotely from here.  He's been helping them with their books for about 3 years now and it works out well. 

Back to the dough - Jeff will work with the farmers until the first week of October, when we will go back to Utah to a) get ready for this baby to come - she's due October 26th and b) get ready for the wrestling season to start.  Jeff is the head coach for a high school wrestling team down there.  The season doesn't start until November, but he's got to recruit and get organized before hand.  He will have a little bit of income from coaching and teaching the wrestling class.  And when I say a little bit, I mean he's mostly a volunteer like all other high school coaches. :) 

Jeff is also a network-marketer.  His focus is teaching people how to recruit without alienating their friends and family.  He is awesome at what he does.  Check out his blog - www.askjeffmaughan.com.

Side-note --  my husband is honestly superman.  Now you know part of the reason I believe that....plus look: 

I am seriously suspicious.  But that's a post for another day.  What was I even talking about?  Oh ya.

I also work very part time for an organization called Brave Girls Club (www.bravegirlsclub.com).  Among other things, they do retreats for women called "Brave Girl Camp". I am the camp manager, and will be able to do most of what I do from anywhere.

Wow - does that answer your question?  After all that I guess the real answer is we'll be working on the road and we'll do whatever it takes to get where we want to go (both physically and finacially). :)


Sesil Cratin said...

Good Luck. We just moved from Chicago to Salt Lake City. It took us three months on the road visiting family and friends. We have three young kids 5,4,3. It was hard but I am so glad we traveled with them while we could. Our move to Utah has been the best move for my husband and I and especially for our children. Enjoy the times you have together. It will be hard at times but that is part of life. Good Luck and can not wait to see how your adventure takes you and your family.

Anonymous said...

I am jealous. This is something that my husband and I always wanted to do. And now we can't. Have your adventures now while you can. You can always settle later. I look forward to following your blog.

Where in Utah are you headed?

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