Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the many faces...

of j.j.m.

In my last post, I mentioned that I have drafted several posts in my mind.  This is not one of them BUT when I was looking through my camera I found SO many funny pictures of the little man I couldn't help myself. :)

{Jackson LOVES to watch movies and will ~mostly~ sit through an entire show.  If ever his car seat happens to be in the house like it was on this day when I had to wash it because he puked all over it, it is his seat of choice.}

 {silly face}

{He thinks it's SUPER cool to hold something in his mouth with no hands.  He's probably right.}

{This face means "you just tried to hand me something and it's not what I want!"  Somebody call the waaambulance...:) }

{The nearest soft thing becomes his pillow whenever we say "nigh night"}

{Happy that he got a hold of the remote, which he knows is off limits.}

{Not sure what this means...certainly not anything happy}

{This one is new...not sure where it came from, but I think I saved the best for last.  It comes with a "shoo-shoo-shoo" sound.}

We sure love this little guy!

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