Thursday, April 15, 2010


As you can see, one of my 'tags' and one that I plan to use often, being a woman and full of them is "emotions". Something you should know though, is that every time I type that word it comes into my mind in song....the way Aerosmith sings it in "Sweet Emotion". I am fairly confident that knowing that alone will boost your blog reading satisfaction greatly. But I didn't come here to talk about Aerosmith (while we're still on the subject I will say that Jeff and I are both BIG classic rock fans...we dig that Steven Tyler).

What I did come to talk about are the things that have been going through my mind and heart as I've thought about what we are about to do. I still feel like we're doing the right thing, and I'm still SUPER excited for our adventure, and I guess that's all that matters. But since I've already pumped you up to hear about the rest, I won't let you down.

In my life, I've done lots of things that FELT right, even though they didn't make sense at all in my doing those things I have found the greatest treasures of my life. Four years ago, I found my husband that way...

Most of those decisions required going out on a limb, stepping into the unknown, and turning heads...heads with faces that read loud and clear things like: "YOU'RE CRAZY!" and "WHAT are you thinking?" Guess I should be used to it, but then again everything sounds easier on paper.

Last night, Jeff and I were driving in our neighborhood and saw one of our neighbors (weird, huh?) :). We stopped to chat and he said (jokingly of course), "I don't want to talk to either one of you...just when I get the street how I like it...." :) Good to be loved. We will miss the people here - we have made lots of incredible friends and will miss them dearly.

Later that night, I was talking to a few of my friends at a church thing and they were asking all the questions friends would be expected to ask, "Where will you move?" "What kind of house are you going to look for?" "Are you going to buy or rent?" "How many rooms do you want?" "What made you decide to move?" and on and on.

I avoided answering any of them honestly and was as vague as possible. Not once did I say or even allude to, "we are moving into an rv" I guess because I didn't want to have to follow it up with, "yes with a baby" "yes with a dog" "yes with a baby on the way" "yes we're excited" "yes we've thought it through" "yes we're selling everything we own" "yes, even our Christmas decorations" and all of that. I felt much more comfortable leaving it at, "we are moving to Idaho to be a little closer to my family". Which is true...we'll just be traveling a little more than anyone else we know between visits. :)

From the people we have told we have gotten nothing but crazy looks...then again we've only told family. :) I have heard a couple of, "I could never do thats" and "Wow.....s". Which has made me almost wonder (I say almost because I don't feel worried...I am honestly just wondering) if I am being overly optimistic in how this is going to play out. Are we really going to be able to handle living in an rv....4 of us soon to be 5? And that 5th is a new baby. Can I really do this? The answer is irrelevant...we're doing it...but these questions have been on my mind. Funny thing is that even with these questions and feelings, I still feel optimistic and excited. Surely I will look back someday and laugh at my naivete. At least I won't be alone:

I am feeling better (and less freaked out) than I was last night. We will be getting all the paperwork signed today and we'll let things happen from there. I have a lot to do today...sorting and getting things ready to sell/posted on craigslist.

Lots to do...I'm off!!

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Chelsea said...

This is my favorite blog of ALL time!! I am so excited that you got an offer...of course you did though, you have made that house beautiful!!! SO excited for your journey!

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