Wednesday, April 14, 2010


You know on that movie - The Pursuit of Happyness - when he says, "this it the part of my life I call 'paying taxes'." Well, this is the part of my life that I call FREAKING OUT! ....

Yesterday we listed our house for sale. YESTERDAY. And as I kept getting emails from our realtor about paperwork and where we'd missed initials and all of that, I thought, "I should clean up around here in case we get anyone who wants to look at the house." With the market the way it is, I wasn't really expecting to get any traffic right away. I mean a house down the street was on the market for like 2 years before it finally sold. Needless to say, I was surprised when I got a text this morning asking if we'd be okay with a showing at 6. I was even MORE surprised when our realtor was here today putting a sign in the yard and got another call for a showing...they wanted to come at 6:30. And I knew it was I got serious.

I spent all day cleaning and de-cluttering. And when I say all day, I mean it.I even started sorting our stuff into keep/sort and to sell. That I got that far was purely out of necessity...there wasn't even a pathway to get through the basement before I stared. How embarrassing. :) Lucky for me I didn't take 'before' pictures of the basement!

By 5:50, we were ready to leave - every cupboard was ready to be opened in case of inspection, laundry done, baby's room organized (first time in....well...too long), dinner ready to take out the door. We used all the tricks...opened all the blinds and the doors to each room, turned on every light and sprayed air freshener as we walked out the door. We put the baby and the dog in the car and headed to the park for a little picnic as we wondered what the strangers in our house would think of our place...

(Our little picnic of lasagna - who knows HOW I remembered to throw that in the oven in the midst of my cleaning frenzy - salad that we picked up at the grocery store on the way to the park and water...please forgive my looks or lack thereof....that's the hair and makeup I woke up with and by the time this picture was taken it was like 6:30pm :) )

We didn't have to wonder if they liked it for long. I got an email a couple hours later with an OFFER. Who gets an offer on the 2nd day in this kind of market. And this is why I am FREAKING OUT!

I know I just need to give it a couple of days to sink in and I'll be okay again. This just got REALLY real REALLY fast. We have looked at some RV's, but haven't come close to even going to look at them not to mention buying one! We have so much to much to do before we will be ready to get out of here. And now that I'm writing it out, I guess there's nothing to really be freaked out will work out, I know that. And I know we are doing the right thing for our family and that we both have great parents who would take us in if we didn't have a place to go, but sometimes it seems that emotions don't listen much to logic and hearts feel whatever they want to feel no matter how much sense it does or doesn't make.

And so tonight I am still freaked. out.

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