Wednesday, April 14, 2010

On your mark....get set.......uh....

About a year ago we kind of threw around the idea of moving into an rv...I don't know how serious either one of us was, but we thought it would be fun and a chance to see the country while we're young. Well, about a week ago the idea came up again and for some reason things are different this time. I guess timing has a lot to do with most of the decisions we make in life.

We've decided to DO IT and have already listed our house. This week we are doing lots of cleaning and de-cluttering to get the house ready to show and to put things in "to keep", "to sell", and "trash" piles. Our basement is FULL of stuff, so it will be tough to separate it all out, but we can handle it. We plan to keep only the bare necessities, so we don't feel crowded in our trailer (lol). Everything else is going on craigslist or will be sold at a giant yard sale...we don't want to store anything except heirlooms and things that are most important to us.

We have gone back and forth....trying to decide which kind of trailer to get and what we will need to tow it etc etc many decisions! Granted our decision-making power is limited by our budget, but still - do we go for a motorhome, 5th wheel or trailer? If we go for the trailer or 5th wheel, what do we get to tow it? What size of truck do we even need in order to pull something like that. The questions go on and on... :)

We have a young family - a one-year-old and one on the way, so we are shying away from the motorhome option (I can't imagine how confusing it will be for my little guy to sometimes be able to play in the motorhome and sometimes have to sit in his carseat in the motorhome...I see the tantrums playing out in my head, and I choose not to go there). There are lots of great 5th wheels for sale, but the question is a truck - we'd have to get something with 4 doors (I am anti-hoisting children and/or carseats over one of those seats that barely tips forward enough for me to squeeze one leg in at a time). And so for default's sake, we are looking at buying a Suburban (word on the street - and from my dad - is that the 2500 models with a big block engine - 454+ - will tow no I sound like I actually know what I'm talking about. I don't. Only enough to get me what I'm looking for.) To be towed by said Suburban will be a 'travel trailer', which ironically enough seems to be the least roomy of all models (vs 5th wheel or motor home). BUT at least we'll have a car to safely get our family around and I won't lose my mind with car seat hoisting. :)

And so the hunt continues. My dad says to check out the retirement areas in AZ for steals on RV's. We'll check that out. There seem to be lots of listings in Boise, there are hardly any here in Utah, so I think we'll be taking a trip to B-town (code for "Boise") :) to check out the soon as our tax return gets here. :)

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