Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yard Sale Success!

We had a yard sale on Friday and Saturday this weekend, which was pushing it a little considering we didn't put much planning into the thing AND we'd been sick all week.  We did it anyway.

Friday was disheartening to say the least.  We called our little 'yard sale' an estate sale partly because we wanted everyone to know that EVERYTHING is for sale, partly because we didn't want to move everything we all of our belongings out into the yard and partly because there was rain in the forecast for Friday.  Word to the wise, don't even TRY to have a yard OR estate sale on a rainy day.  There was almost no one around, though I think we did make twenty five bucks....better than a poke in the eye, as my mom always says.  :)

We got up on Saturday to sunshine (yahoo!).  Jeff's first chore was to get all the tools and stuff out of the shed, which took him about 20 minutes, and I swear by the time he got it all out there, he'd already sold half his stuff (something he half-mocked me for...said he was SUCH a good salesman.  What can I say...guess he is!).

My favorite sale of the day was the sale of the sombrero we bought in Mexico on our honeymoon.  A Mexican guy with the most sparkling 'I want this' eyes asked how much it was...$15.  He carried it around for a while and looked at everything else before finding me again with his $15.  The best was that he went straight to his van where his kids were waiting and put it on for them.  I went to find my camera to capture the moment, but was too late, and only caught him when he had it in his hand again...dang. :)

Some people who make deals at yard sales are funny (and when I say funny I mean on the verge of funny and reeeaaaallly annoying).  A couple came and asked what the price was for 2 yard tools (a rake and some other weird tool).  I said $5 each, to which the man replied..."hah!  I can get these at the tool store for $5 each!"  His wife, "we were just on our way to the tool store for these exact things..."  My thought, "If you can get NEW tools at the tool store for the same price that you can get them at my yard sale, why don't you go to the tool store?!" :)  He offered $4 for both, which I politely declined and he and his wife left...I assume to go get their brand new tools.  He came back 30 minutes later, handed Jeff $10 and said, "okay, $5 each".  Haha!  I don't know why I think that is so funny, but it gives me a tickle in my belly every time I think about it.

The lawn tools were hot items, and like I said, they sold fast.  A lot of people looked at the lawn mower and one guy especially was all about wheelin and dealin with Jeff.  He kept trying to chisel down the already low price.  Finally Jeff cracked and told him he'd give him $10 off the price if he'd mow our lawn.  haha!  No deal.  He took the mower at full price.  Good news and bad news.  The good news is that we got full price...bad news...our lawn still hadn't been mowed at ALL this year, and was way past due.  Seriously, there were places (luckily only in the fenced back yard) where it was like a foot long {blush}.  What can you do?  We ended up paying the neighbor girl to do it.

At the end of the day, we brought in about $2,500...not a bad start for our little truck fund.  We still have a few pretty nice furniture items to sell, and hope to make at least another couple thousand.  We will have another last-ditch yard sale before we move for good - we still have too much STUFF around here.  I am getting excited to be JUNK FREE!  (You know...except for that junk in the trunk.  Can't seem to unload that no matter what I do! :)

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