Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pine Tree!

Jeff and I love taking walks...not as much as Jackson and Mahone....they are tied for first in the who loves to take walks the most contest.  Seriously there is something about a good walk, especially in the spring time when the weather starts to get nice.  Our neighborhood is an okay place to walk...we have sidewalks and stuff, but it is FAR from an ideal stroll through nature.

We live on a fairly busy road.  The speed limit is a loose 25 (I say loose because nobody seems to know that), but it is busy enough that we have double lines.  Walking either north or south we hit even busier roads.  Nice for a long walk....not nice if clean air or peace and quiet are things you are seeking on your walk.

I took Jackson on a walk the other day...literally a walk...that is to say he walked (toddled or stumbled are probably better words for it) while I held his hand.  The walk was slow and we stayed just on our street.  While we were walk/toddle/stumbl-ing we walked beneath this pine tree:

which I've done a hundred times before and never noticed.  Maybe because I was in a hurry all the other times.  For some reason it just didn't stick out before.  This time it stuck out.  I smelled the sweet pine, and because I was trying to help Jackson walk, I saw the ground around it all covered in pine needles and my heart jumped a little.

Orem is by no means a "big city" might be able to call it a big "town" or just a "city", but it is certainly not the remote, country town I grew up in or the mountains my parents took us camping in every summer....far away from people and cars and traffic.

I am SO excited to get away from that, and to be able to take peaceful, quiet walks with sweet smells of fresh fields and pine trees and good things all around!  I can't wait!!

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cortney said...

Hi Kallie, I commented on a prev post, but in case you didn't see it, I'll be meeting you at BGC soon! I'm really enjoying your blog, and hopped in here to see how things were going. I wonder when you might start, where you plan to go you need a special license/permit for that thing?? all best! cortney

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