Monday, April 19, 2010

We came, we saw, we liked.

We made it....even though we FORGOT that we no longer have a DVD player to take in the car, and we've never been on a trip with the little one without it...he did great.  Check it out -

 {Jackson and Mahone chillin in the back.  The chest you see belonged to my Grandma Boyd.  She left it to me when she passed away.  We brought it to leave it at my mom and dad's...since we won't have space for it in our new little place.) :)

Anyway, we saw the RV. In true Idaho small-town style, Mark told us he left it unlocked and that we could "go right in". :) We had plenty of time to look around and didn't feel awkward talking about what we liked and didn't like, which was nice.  I hate when the owner is there and makes you feel all weird about looking at whatever you want to look at, and saying whatever you want to say.

The 'King of the Road' is an '89, and honestly I was expecting it to be more out of date and beat up than it was. Now, I might be wrong, but not knowing anything mechanical or how stuff like that works, and being the woman, I feel like it's my job to give the cosmetic okay - looks, smells, layout...that kind of thing.  So that's what I did.  

{Living Room}
{Bathroom...WITH bathtub.  That was a requirement for me since we do have a 1-year-old to bathe...:)}
{Bedroom...didn't get a very good looks tiny....but that's a queen sized bed, and there is plenty of room to walk all the way around it.  Also...we don't have to hunch over to walk in is extra tall...bonus for a 5th wheel!}

We both liked it...the looks are good (we'll make them better, of course), no funky smells and the layout is awesome.  We still need to do the 'mechanical' inspection with my grandpa, but we're sold so far and as long as there aren't any serious problems, I think we'll be calling it home sweet home soon.

In other small-town news, we rushed to the small town where my parents live (about 2 hours away) after we left Jerome to try to make it to a school contest that my brother was in - the Mr. Mustang Contest. We were late, and Jackson was tired, so Jeff took him to my parents house and I went to the contest. It did not disappoint. At one point my mom leaned over and said something about how spot on Napoleon Dynamite really is a perfect glimpse into small-town life. She was sooo right, and as I sat there I kept wondering if Napoleon himself wouldn't come on stage next. He didn't.  Dang.

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